Save on fuel and parking costs by offering a spare seat in your car, share the cost of your regular commute or save on one-off journeys.

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Save on fuel and parking costs.

The idea behind traveleze was an incredibly simple one - we want people to save money. Fuel costs are constantly going up, cars cost money to maintain, parking fares aren't cheap. By making some money on your daily commute or one-off journey, traveleze helps make your travels more affordable.

And if you're after a lift, you choose a price you're willing to pay - another great way to save money.

Sharing a car is also great for the environment - less carbon emissions means a happier planet.

So making money and saving the world - not too bad for a day's work!

traveleze launched to the South African market in early 2012. We're based in Plettenberg Bay with an IT team based in the United Kingdom.

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