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Save on fuel and parking costs by offering a spare seat in your car, share the cost of your regular commute or save on one-off journeys.

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Welcome to traveleze!

Posted by chris_brooke on 01/05/2012 @ 17:15

The idea behind traveleze was to launch a service to allow you to save money or your daily commute or one-off journey - money you'd spend on fuel, parking and maintaing your car.

If you have a spare seat in your car for a journey you're making, be it a journey you're only making once or a regular commute, you can list the details of the journey and invite people to make you an offer what they're willing to pay you for a lift.
You can then look at the offers you've received and choose who you'd like to give the lift to, based on how much they've offered you but also on previous feedback they've received on traveleze. Also as you sign into traveleze using your facebook or twitter account, you'll be able to look at their public profile to see if it's someone you want in your car.

If you're looking for a lift it works in exactly the same way - search for exisitng lifts being offered or create a new listing asking for a lift - if someone has a spare seat they can then make you an offer on your listing for how much they'd give you the lift for.

So long as you're saving money, we're happy. Take a look at the fuel prices in South Africa - in January a litre of 95 cost R10.61. At the beginning of May it's R12.22. That's an increase of R1.61 for every litre you put in your car. And that doesn't include other costs, such as maintenance, parking, tyres etc.

The AA have an interesting calculator to find out the cost of your vehcile and how much it costs to keep it on the road:

For example, if you have a 1.6l petrol car that cost for R60 000 and averages around 20 000km per year.

The AA estimates the the fixed cost value of the vehicle, ie the cost for maintenace, tyres, repairs etc to be 119c/km. Now add on the running cost, ie the cost for petrol, that adds on another 134c/km. Add the two together. Your vehicle costs R2.53 per kilometre to operate.

That is alot of money. Just to get from A to B.

So why not make use of traveleze to reduce the cost of your journeys. Times are tough, so every little bit helps.

Stay safe on the roads,
The traveleze team

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Welcome to traveleze!

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