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Save money on fuel, make your journey cheaper

Posted by chris_brooke on 23/05/2012 @ 16:13

With the cost of fuel going up, we though we'd give you some handy tips on how you save money on fuel on your journey or commute

Drive Slower
The easiest way to save fuel is to drive slower. The quicker you go, the more fuel you use.

Check your tyre pressure
Flat tyres lead to an increased rolling resistance which decreases your fuel economy

Turn off your engine when idling
When you're sitting at traffic lights or in a queue, why not turn off your engine to save fuel?

Change your route
Pick a route that you can travel at a constant speed. The more stopping and starting, the more fuel you'll use

Maintain your car
Make sure your car is well maintaing - spark plugs, worn tyres can all contribute towards your fuel economy

And finally..

Share your lift with someone!
Either use your car or get a lift in theirs and split the cost of fuel between yourselves!

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Save money on fuel, make your journey cheaper

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