Save on fuel and parking costs by offering a spare seat in your car, share the cost of your regular commute or save on one-off journeys.

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Frequently asked questions

Hopefully you'll find the answer to your question below. If you don't, please contact us and we'll answer your question as quickly as we can!

How do I create a new lift listing?

What offer price should I set?

What's the difference between offering a lift and wanting a lift?

I'm offering a lift, how does it work?

I want a lift, how does it work?

How do I find lifts being offered?

How does the person giving the lift get paid?

What happens if my lift receives no offers?

What is the listing code for?

How do I get in contact with the person I have agreed to do business with?

Can I retract my offer?

What if my bid is accepted but I am unable to perform the listing?

What if no one bids on my lift listing or I don't accept any bids?

Can I modify a listing after I have submitted it?

Can I cancel a listing?

What fees do traveleze charge?

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