Save on fuel and parking costs by offering a spare seat in your car, share the cost of your regular commute or save on one-off journeys.

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Looking for a lift?

If you're looking for a lift somewhere, you can either search for lifts in your area or create a listing with the details of the lift you're after.

If you search and find a lift that fits what you're after, you place an offer for how much you're willing to pay for the lift. The person offering the lift will then review the offers they receive and choose the one that works for them - if your offer is chosen, we'll release the contact details of the person who's offering the lift to you so you can get in touch and sort out how you're going to pay them and sort out the finer details of the lift.

Can't find a lift that suits you?

If you're after a lift but can't find one that works for you, create a listing with the details of the lift you're after. People offering lifts can then see what kind of lift you're after and offer to give you a lift. They'll make an offer for the amount that they think they should be paid to give you the lift - you can then either choose to accept the offer and take them up on their lift or not.

If you're looking for a one-off lift and you accept an offer, the person giving the lift will be asked to login and pay our R10.00 fee before the offer is confirmed - the only fee payable on traveleze is for a one-off lift, there are no other fees payable to us, all other financial matters will be handled between the two of you.

We'll list details of all lifts posted on our twitter account, so follow @traveleze_za to get immediate notification of new lifts.

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