Save on fuel and parking costs by offering a spare seat in your car, share the cost of your regular commute or save on one-off journeys.

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So, how much does it cost to use traveleze?

Simply put, it costs absolutely nothing to create a listing to advertise the lift you are offering or the lift you want.

There's only one scenario you will be charged a fee by traveleze: when you accept an offer on a one-off journey or you have an offer accepted on a one-off journey someone else wants. In this scenario, there would be a R10.00 fee to pay, which is payable by the person giving the lift.
If you don't accept any offers on your lift, or your lift doesn't receive any offers, there's nothing to pay.

There's no other situation traveleze would charge you a fee. Obviously, you need to actually pay the person giving you a lift, but that's something you arrange between yourselves and not something traveleze gets involved with.

So to summarise..

Type of lift

traveleze fee

who pays the fee

Lift offered, one-off journey R10.00 The person offering the lift
Lift offered, regular commute None n/a
Lift wanted, one-off journey R10.00 The person who offers to give the lift
Lift wanted, regular commute None n/a

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